Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Ja

And this is why we love Benedict Cumberbatch. GIF.

I have never known that I have wanted to see Martin Freeman dance until now. <-- I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN

“I’m here for the ‘N Sync video? I’m supposed to be a backup dancer?” | And Now For Martin Freeman Dancing Awkwardly In Background Of Your Favorite Movies @Amanda Allen

Martin's response to the question: "Why are you so adorable?" (It's an unanswerable question. But a really good one.)

Sass master<--- I have a friend who I have seen do this exact expression. O.o John:My limp brings me back from the war, and Sherlock's like it's psychosomatic

I'm done with this fandom... (gif)

GIF this fandom is getting out of control... Cannot. Stop. Laughing.<-- we've always been in control of ourselves but we've decided to let a bit of crazy out....

I love dancing. I’ve always loved it. (gif) #Sherlock series 3 episode 2: The Sign of Three