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an open notebook with the words fizzyva fizzna karolina malki written in cursive writing
a notebook with the word doodle written in green and purple ink on it, next to a drawing of a hand holding a flower
Strona tytułowa zeszytu
a person writing on a piece of paper with a blue marker in their left hand
a notebook with a pen and glasses sitting on top of it
SCHOOL NOTES - Title page
an acoustic guitar with the word music written on it in cursive writing,
a piece of paper with the words biologia written in black ink on it
Apuntes Bonitos ️ Apuntes Bonitos | Lettering Tutorial 769
some type of handwritten notes with different font and numbers on them, all lined up
no stress zone.
a drawing of a ferris wheel on top of a piece of paper with scissors next to it
a drawing of flowers with the words matematka written on it's side
Okładka zeszyt do matmy
an open notebook with writing on it and a red bus in the middle is sitting on a fluffy white surface
an open book with flowers on it sitting on a fluffy white surface next to a pair of scissors