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In my book batman will always beat every superhero an every superhero team. Batman would beat every single avenger if he had to fight them~Exactly. i enjoyed watching the Avengers and all but Batman will always be the best.

mr march

I think he should have gotten an emmy nod for this role. It was the perfect amount of fun camp & realistic, true evil.

No secret identities when Batman is around.

The Flash: “Hold on a second here. What about the whole “secret identity” thing? I mean, I just you guys, but I’m not sure I’m ready to…” Batman: “Wally West, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne.” The Flash: “Show-off.” Batman knows all!

Choose wisely. I think i would choose Wolverine. He can't die... and he's hot... and sassy.

Protect me= wolverine (total badass and can self-regenerate Try to kill me: hmmm the predator alien. Wolverine could whoop his ass :D how would you chose?