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Martin Freeman talks about Benedict Cumberbatch:

Martin and Benedictt love to deny and then fuel the fires of Johnlock by saying things like this, lol. But its true, yo can tell they get on so well together

Benedict Cumberbatch in the rain I'm helplessly laughing

Benedict Cumberbatch and rain. His face is just so. He just swings back and forth between resembling an insect to being the most gloriously attractive human being ever. Obviously this is one of this insect times. I just can't stop laughing!

hahaha I love how martin is all serious and sincere when talking about Benedict. And Benedict is just like, "yeah, Martin's a goof." I love the middle one on the right. I love that they're still big kids.

Love love love love love love love LOVE.

Benedict Cumberbatch pretending to understand Finnish and unknowingly accepting a compliment. He is so cute. It's hilarious to watch him get flustered over a compliment.


Pinning for the comment. "He went to the zoo and tried to imitate a f*ing lizard. If that isn't the most adorable thing you have ever heard then idk what is"