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Dark Chocolate And Parmesan: A Scientific Pairing

Dark chocolate and Parmesan: two foods that have been "scientifically proven to pair perfectly.

Figure 2

Figure The backbone of the flavor network. From: Flavor network and the principles of food pairing

Food Pairing Chart

The backbone of the flavor network. Each node denotes an ingredient, the node color indicates food category, and node size reflects the ingredient prevalence in recipes. Two ingredients are connected if they share a significant number of flavor compounds.

Coffee Tasting Flavor Wheel - SCAA

The coffee tasting wheel can be helpful when describing a coffees flavor and aroma. This is the standard go to table for anyone in the coffee industry looking for some word guidance.

Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel

Taste of Herbs Flavor Wheel. The central maxim of herbal healing is treat the person, not the disease. This wheel is a cheat sheet that helps you prescribe and remember herbs according to their flavors.

Cheese Wheel Information

Today is National Cheese Day today. Pop Chart Lab created this infographic, The Chartered Cheese Wheel, which maps out 66 different types of cheeses arou.

Food Pairing

foodpairing: website for flavor pairings and recipes, rooted in scientific research.