WERONIKA BY ANNA DYSZKIEWICZ Visual Dose: October 19, 2015 at 08:36AM Designcollector – 12 Years Online

Quirky Portrait Photography Inspiration · Black and White · Woman · Weronika by Anna Dyszkiewicz

sunset muse by Sonya Khegay

Portrait Photography: sunset muse by Sonya Khegay

born-with-it-maybe: “freckles A positively perfect stocking stuffer ”

Woman / Freckles / Black and White Photography

GWI Beautiful Red Heads- PSD/LR                                                                                                                                                      Más

madelineaford freckles, floral, fishtail, & the only F words you need.

S.A by Anastasia Galaktionova on 500px

I keep finding that I picture my heroines as Russian models/actresses. haha Anyway, I can see this a little as Isla.A by Anastasia Galaktionova, via

sasha kichigina by kat irlin

sasha kichigina by kat irlin at gramercy park Curly hair B

Red hair and freckles. Pretty close to my natural color (at least before I started aging ;) )

1 Photographer Travels to 37 Countries to Document Female Beauty

by Mihaela Noroc Photography

Hair: black Eyes: blue green  Skin: very light Age: teen

♀ Woman portrait face with freckles Sonia test by Anastasia Galaktionova

character inspiration

The dark brooding look adds to the already stellar appearance and looks a decent amount like my character Maribel Sofia Ortega

character inspiration

love photography beauty hair girl Black and White Cool sexy beautiful tan summer face perfect hippie gorgeous skinny thin hipster stunning b&w Model Grunge lips brunette natural woman polaroid rocks simple afro

clean, natural beauty. #bnybeauty

Do you like freckles? As I was washing my face I wondered "How many people like freckles? Who likes freckles? I have freckles on my face (cheeks & nose).


Fresh on the runway Spring Mica Arganaraz

Dominique Weasley. b.c. 2000's. Gryffindor.

Helena McKelvie Love the lace top and simple makeup+hair look!

Remarkably Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful People : Photo

The Gift of Beauty

Sweet girl with freckles

Hello, sweetheart. Elizabella Easton is the name, murder is my game. Oops, did I say murder? Ignore my little slip up. I may be a rogue, but I expect you to treat me like a queen. I am /better than you/ and I shall be treated as such. I may seem sweet, if a bit sarcastic, but I'm not afraid to send you to an early death. Hopefully you don't go to hell, I don't want you ruining my throne there. Come say hello, but be careful the way you speak to me.

Elizabella Easton is the name, murder is my game. Oops, did I…