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there are many items that can be found in this collage, including coffee mugs and cards
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colorful cards and stationery laid out on top of each other
lilly pulitzer key | Swoozies
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a quote on the side of a black and white photo that says, if you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the multitude of the battle
Nikki Woods
Needed this
an irish poem with celtic writing on it
You get what you give #SCOTS #GAELIC
a wooden walkway leading into the woods with a quote on it that reads, we don't meet people by accident they are meant to cross our path for a reason
Wonder what that reason is?
three coffee cups with the letters abc and c on them are stacked in front of each other
Monogram Mug
Monogram Mug
a black and yellow sign that says nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it
Lucie Trubak (@OnlineFantastic) on X
a red phone case sitting on top of a white wall
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an image of a quote that reads people will forget what you said, and the words are
Maya knew it all. Start the weekend off right. #bornin1928
L'Wren Scott - love!
Zephyr || L'WREN SCOTT || Collections || Showlooks
L'Wren Scott - love!
Classy look
Fashion Freax - Clothing trends and news
Classy look
a black and white photo with the words think for yourself trust your own intention another's mind isn't walking your journey, you are
the words fashion says me too, style says only me on a black and white background