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two people riding camels in the desert
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Ted Talks by Artists
four different colored crayons in a box with the words how to effectively use other artists'work as inspiration
How to Effectively Use Other Artists' Work as Inspiration and a Great Method to Start Developing Your Own Artistic Style
many different colored pencils and crayons on a table with the words, my 5 favorite podcasts for artists
My 5 Favorite Podcasts for Artists
a painting of a cactus with yellow flowers
Cactus Drawing, Acrylic Cactus Painting, Desert Decor, Mexican Decor, Far West Decor, Home Decoration, Print, Wall Art, Illustration, French Painting, Paris. Gouache, Draw, Decoration, Drawings, Flower Drawing, Etsy
Cactus Painting
a woman sitting on a bench next to two potted cacti in front of a wall
7 Elements for Mexican Inspired Design
7 Elements for Mexican Inspired Design
an image of flowers with the words decoupage papers on it in white and blue
Decoupage Paper for Furniture
Get ready to revamp your furniture like a pro with over 250+ decoupage papers for furniture to choose from! Upcycle furniture with quirky designs, playful patterns and vibrant colors that showcase your unique personality. From floral patterns to vintage maps, there is a decoupage paper out there to suit every taste. Bring out your inner artist and have some fun with decoupage papers for furniture - it's the perfect DIY project to add a touch of creativity to your home!
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