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Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and JGL. love me some beards

christian Bale (batman)Tom Hardy (Bane) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (john blake) F magazine. Wallpaper and background photos of Christian Bale(Batman) Tom Hardy(Bane) Joseph Gordon Levitt(John Blake) for fans of Tom Hardy images.

Bane.. Pretty much misunderstood!! One could argue Bane as a "cromantic" guy.. See what I did there? This Means War.. Bane.. Get it? Tom Hardy? Get it!? lol! I'm a dork..

his story is the very best of the comic book villains/anti-heroes. My husband's favourite because Bane only loves one woman.

Bane and little Batman

I dressed up for a charity event at the weekend; this little guy was CONVINCED that he'd met the real Bane