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Anna Świętalska

Anna Świętalska
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"Retour de l'enfant prodigue" by Jean-Pierre Augier, Sculptor.

French sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier, was born in Nice, he lives and works in Saint-Antoine-de-Siga, between Levens and Saint-Blaise (Alpes-Maritimes, France).

Nébuleuse de la Tête de Cheval (Orion)

The Horseheads Nebula via ESA ~ The European Space Agency. I've always dreamed that one day we will be able to see nebulas up close i hope i will let we to see the day.

Drawings Made of a Single Line The Croatian graphic artist Paolo Ceric created the images of a single spiral line. The effect works similarly to a printing process. The line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas.

Single line drawing by Paulo Ceric I think using a single line is kind of a cool Idea for a drawing. I did many in drawing and figure drawing in college