Anna Wierzcholek

Anna Wierzcholek

Początkująca artystka. Studiuję ASP i projektuję grafikę :)
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BEAUTIFUL for Easter! DIY Roundup: Easter Egg Garland

~ The Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference ~ Asheville, North Carolina ~ February 21 - 23, 2014

LOVERS KNOT Belle Epoque Ring Gold Enamel Diamond H: 1.2 cm (0.47 in) Marks: Eagle's head French, c.1880 Ring Case Enamel ribbon entwining a diamond lozenge with 15 rose cut diamonds Minor enamel repair Ref: 6915

Moje Dietetyczne Fanaberie: Placuszki z cukinii bez mąki!

Од старата блуза нова маичка

The Darjeeling Limited: I love the writing for this Wes Anderson film because the believable way the characters are written to be brothers that do not like each other but need each other as badly as Bill Murray needed to catch that train. Oh, and nods to the obvious "baggage" symbolism.