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I love the way that this hand has been contoured to look dead and diseased, the coloring around the fingers and the finger tips are also a great idea as it matches perfectly to the rest of the hand. I would like to use this for my final zombie character as i think it creates an outstanding effect and is also so simple.

The perfect winged liner for hooded eyes!

Why I'm Not Ashamed Of My High-Maintenance Makeup Routine #refinery29 On days when I fancy mixing it up and not wearing my staple black lip, I like to do thicker eyeliner, starting thin in the center and thickening it out at the flick. And I lather on the mascara and separate my bottom eyelashes with tweezers, pulling them into even little shapes. And I add a little central dot; my bestie does this a lot and I think it’s so…

"Samara" - The Ring Inspired Makeup Tutorial..I still get the "Oh your name is like the one off The Ring"...ummm sure

Casualty Cosplay: Costume cross-section- Samara Morgan

Halloween Tutorial - Samara Morgan 'The Ring'

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Chinese Water Deer Skull by CabinetCuriosities on DeviantArt

Male African Lion Skull by CabinetCuriosities on DeviantArt