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an aerial view of some buildings and trees
Alhambra of Granada - Andalusia, Spain
an aerial view of some buildings and trees
La Alhambra de Granada España.
an aerial view of a courtyard with many plants and buildings in the backgroud
Desde el Generalife
Desde el Generalife - Alhambra de Granada
the inside of an ornate building with columns and arches, in front of a fountain
Guide pratique pour visiter l’Alhambra
Toutes les infos pour visiter l'Alhambra sont dans notre guide pratique! #alhambra #guide #pratique #blog #espagne #grenade #generalife
a fountain in the middle of a garden surrounded by trees and bushes with an archway leading to it
La eterna belleza de la Alhambra. Jean Laurent vs Fernando Manso
Fuente de Lindaraja. Una visión inédita de la Alhambra por Jean Laurent y Fernando Manso. Fotografía © Fernando Manso. Cortesía Museo Arqueológico Nacional.
an old castle sits on top of a hill in the middle of trees and mountains
Granada, Spain
the reflection of an old building in a water fountain with its reflection on the ground
Alhambra, Granada - Spain
Alhambra Granada - Spain by Vest der ute
a clock tower stands in the middle of a square with buildings and lights around it
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy
the rolling hills are dotted with trees and grass
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
Tuscany Hill, Italy
an orange and pink sky over a building with trees in the foreground
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, Italy
an old building is lit up at night with a bus passing by in the foreground
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
La Scala, Milan, Italy
the city is surrounded by mountains and water
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
Lago di Garda, Italy
an aerial view of the cathedral and surrounding buildings
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
Florence Cathedral, Italy
an alleyway with colorful buildings and people sitting at tables
15 Secret Places to Discover in London
NEAL’S YARD Tucked away between Covent Garden and the busy streets of Seven Dials, Neal’s Yard stays completely unnoticed if you don’t know it’s there. It’s the perfect place for lunch in the summer!
an arch leading into the distance with a clock tower in the background
The prettiest places in London every traveller needs to visit
Follow Queen’s Walk to find the perfect arch from which to take an interesting photograph of Big Ben, almost underneath Westminster Bridge. [i]Big Ben viewpoint, Lambeth, London SE1 7EP[/i]