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Tactics that Qualify as Real-Time Marketing According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, Feb 2014 (% of respondents)

Efektywność mailingu w zależności od  dnia wysyłki

Efektywność mailingu w zależności od dnia wysyłki

figure12-5.gif (459×502)

figure12-5.gif (459×502)

When analysts and stakeholders talk about and analyze mergers and acquisitions, they often use the terms synergy and "1+1=3" to describe the ideal result that the "sum" of the two companies is greater than what they could achieve on their … Continued

Share of Sales Lift Among US Households Exposed to a CPG Brand Campaign, by Media and Buyer Type, 2013 (% of total)

US Online Ad Spending Share By Objective, 2013-2017 [CHART]

Digital ad spending is currently weighted towards direct response over branding, but that tilt will soon disappear.

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Research report that I was quoted extensively in.

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