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Torba  futro i haft - annaswito-art-a - Torby balonowe

Torba futro i haft - annaswito-art-a - Torby balonowe

Выкройка платья-трапеции «оригинального» 40-64

stitch fix--I would love a coat/robe/poncho that is longish, warm and can be worn with/over a lot of different clothes

Необычный "капюшон" (выкройка) / Головные уборы / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Необычный "капюшон" (выкройка) / Головные уборы / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Praktisches & stylisches Accessoire für kühle Tage, gegen kalte Ohren und einen kühlen Kopf... Kuscheliger Kapuzenschal/kragen zum Liebhaben und Wohlfühlen ♥ vorne in Tuchoptik mit Knopf zum...

Love this hooded scarf!


I'd add a scarf/neckwarmer

Women's sewing tutorials | winter sewing tutorials | scarf pattern (affiliate link)

Many beginners in sewing often argue that they do not have any need for special sewing furniture. However, they soon realize the importance of having specialized furniture when they start sewing regularly. Specialized furniture not only makes sewing.

hooded scarf with pockets free pdf pattern included (no need to have a hoodie of your own for the size!)  looks like one size fits all

hood scarf with pockets >free pdf pattern included cape inspiration

Black Hooded Scarf by Pretty Ditty, via Flickr

Pretty Ditty: Hooded Scarf - work out a DIY for this!

youpla echarpe - Recherche Google

youpla echarpe - Recherche Google

Sarah Whittle, coral stitch: You can use different thread thicknesses or change the angle of the knot to give different effects. Coral stitch can be used on straight or curved lines as well as being used as a textured filling stitch. When using as a filling stitch place the knots into spaces between the knots of the previous row .

I'm so confused