“Soul Searching” MichaelO - Digital Artist

Soul Searching by Michael O. This painting made me stop to think about soul searching. I love the original idea of the person looking in at her own soul.

Shearing time can be a bit of a kerfuffle.

When I'm calling. Telephone Sheep by artist Jean Luc featured in a Frankfurt museum. A flock of sheep made from old rotary phones. The "wool" is made of phone cords. Fabulously creative and if you blur your eyes, they really DO look like sheep!

Embroidery and photography Brilliant idea, it works so well!

For the love of floral. Embroidery by Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy. - *Dressed Take this coupon and travels to the José Ignacio, Uruguay.

http://www.mateo-art.com fabulous berlin artist mateo

Sock Monster by Mateo Dineen ***I KNEW a Sock Monster existed! I want this by the washer & dryer!

Mateo Dineen This is soooo cute.

Fitzgerald Flopnot's only claim to fame.being a balloon buddy to a couple of weird whizmagigs.

American Artist Mateo Dineen aka Mateo Art - Springtime

Spring Time

Mateo Dineen

The work of Johan Potma is made with acrylics and collage on old wooden surfaces like box lids, signs and cigar boxes.