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People talk and talk promising things they can't provide. Friendship, love, money and just things. All I wanted was undying loyalty.

Just fall

"everytime she laughs she hopes he's watching hoping that he will fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his" he has a beautiful smile.

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"Demons - Imagine Dragons currently my favourite song" not my words and this isn't my favorite song for the time being!

Though I wish you were there, smiling in your sleep and chest slightly expanding and flexing.

contexted: and i’ll call this one, “stop writing sad poems and go to sleep”.It's nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings but always reach out to someone who cares :)

I've always loved this part because it tells us Toph sees with her feet the same thing everyone sees with their eyes.

"I've been working on my sandbending." "You even made a tiny Earth King and Bosco!

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