No recipe here but if you used a danish pastry dough and followed the pictures you would have an excellent pastry. НЕОБЫЧНЫЙ ПИРОГ С ВИШНЕЙ


НЕОБЫЧНЫЙ ПИРОГ С ВИШНЕЙ ** Blechkuchen mit Kirsche ** in deutsch siehe anderen Pin

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Ideia de decoração para torta

Red filling in bread wreaths- this looks like currants, but cranberries would work, too. Great idea for Christmas time/gifts.

Pay de fresas San Valentin

Strawberry Heart Pie - Perfect way to surprise your sweetie this Valentines Day. Love the design. Will do with my own strawberry pie recipe


Apple pie with roses - I don't even eat apples, or pie, but this is beautiful! Would be tempted to put the 'roses' on afterwards though, much prettier

Kotleciki z jajek i kaszy jaglanej - pyszne, lekkie i zdrowe

Kotleciki z jajek i kaszy jaglanej - pyszne, lekkie i zdrowe

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Golden Santa Bread Recipe + Tutorial + Perfect for your Holiday + Christmas Dinner + Party Table + Decor