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109-2008_r1.jpg (1062×1226)

109-2008_r1.jpg (1062×1226)

Ever since I made my first batch of decorative dishes this past spring, I've been itching to get the clay out again. Inspired by the greenery of the season, I found a good reason to do so. I used the...

Inspiration for nature themed Salt Dough Ornaments! Take a twig of evergreen from outside and make an impression into the salt dough, make a hole for a ribbon, and then bake!- I love this look, trying to think of other things I could create with this

The Peking Opera” for Harper’s Bazaar China May 2016, photographed by Wangy Xin Yu

global-fashions: “ Wangy Xin Yu & The Peking Opera - Harper’s Bazaar China May 2016 photos Kiki Xue ”

Magnum Hummingbird Brown And Copper Leafed Eggshell And Mother Of Pearl Vase

This Magnum Vase collection is a simple and oh-so chic accessory fused with fantasy and natural forms to display an spectacular effect.