Long-tailed Sylph by Judd Patterson, via Flickr.  One of 42 amazing hummingbird species that I saw in 10 days in Ecuador. I have many, many images to post, but most will probably wait until after the holidays. Enjoy!

LONG TAILED SYLPH (Aglaiocercus kingi) - ©Judd Patterson The Long-tailed Sylph is a species of hummingbird found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

the blues....hummingbird, gorgeous

hummingbird, gorgeous, reminds me of my dad and I getting to hold one it was so amazing Thank you God for that great blessing to hold a hummingbird

rainbow hummingbird


I do bird pins because of their amazing color combination. Same thing with flowers and fish. God amazes me with His artistic skills!


Beautiful Hummingbird - The colors God puts together without consulting a color chart. It works!

hummingbirds - lovely inspirations for art

I have this tree beside my house but can't find out what the name of it is. It has these orange flowers year round, of course I live in a tropical area.