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some type of font and numbers that are in different colors, shapes, and sizes
Mid April - Logo Recap
a poster with some type of typogramic writing on it's side
Poster, Seduction, for Yale School of Architecture Symposium, January 20-21, 2007
the different font styles and their meanings
Fonts inspiration - download free
Fonts inspiration - download free | Photoshop templates for photographers by Birdesign
some type of font that is on top of a desk with a laptop and other items
10 Free Calligraphy Fonts
an abstract type with different shapes and colors on it's side, including the letters in
Shape Face - Geometric Typeface - VS. Graphic Design
Shape Face - Geometric Typeface - VS. Graphic Design
an array of different shapes and sizes on a white background with blue text below it
Blue series - Eduardo Dosuá
Blue series - Eduardo Dosuá