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a backyard with grass and stone pavers on the ground, including an outdoor fire pit
Fire Pits, Patio Furniture, Fire Glass & More | FirePitsDirect.com
an outdoor seating area with chairs and fire pit
25 Cool Patio Floor Ideas for Outdoor 2022
there are two mason jars on the wall and one is filled with rocks in it
Casa Jardins: Combination of Strong Modernist References with A More Contemporary Footprint
two wooden wall sconces with candles on them
♥ discover 36+ ideas about handmade home decor 18 – jilumpet.com
a wooden structure with lanterns hanging from it's sides in the middle of a garden
four different views of the same wooden structure, each with different angles and materials to make it
How I built the pallet sofa (part 2)
Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa Más
a wooden bench sitting under a tree in the grass
Pallet Sittings with Trees | Upcycle Art
¿Y qué tal esta base para un árbol también con pallets?