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Anna Kaczanowska

Anna Kaczanowska
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Eucalyptus Wreath, 20” |  fresh seeded eucalyptus, spiral eucalyptus and salal leaves

Our wreath greets you with the cool, energizing scent of eucalyptus, re-creating the sensation of walking through a coastal eucalyptus grove. The beautiful blend of blues and greens includes two varieties of fresh eucalyptus from California.

Oh what??  Maybe I can have a fresh wreath next year!  Need to get on the post Christmas sales and find a wreath base!

Made up of freshly cut plants, our Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath is artfully arranged to order. Spiral, seeded and knife blade eucalyptus plants give this arrangement a subtle range of green hues—and it’ll give off a bright, energizing scent…

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath - This beautiful wreath, made of eucalyptus, is the perfect modest door decoration. The wreath includes baby blue, silver dollar and flowering eucalyptus.

Beautiful (and fragrant) wreath of mixed eucalyptus varieties. If your climate is too cold to grow eucalyptus, try your local florist for a selection of different varieties.

Winter Wreath - Eucalyptus and Fir Base With Artemisia, Tallow Berries, Pinecones and Thistle

The fragrant eucalyptus and fir base of this decorative wreath is accented with natural elements such as artemisia, tallow berries, pinecones, and thistle. A beautiful ho