Anna Jędrzejczak Jędrzejczak-Skutnik

Anna Jędrzejczak Jędrzejczak-Skutnik

Anna Jędrzejczak Jędrzejczak-Skutnik
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Poor People's Poulaines Women & men with pointy shoes Easy pointy shoes out of modern leather, which will look accurate at normal distances. by Cynthia Virtue aka Cynthia du Pré Argent

size of barrels: Cutting the quantity in half each time, volumes were measurement went as follows: tone, butt/pipe, hogshead, barrel, kilderkin, and firkin. Other measurements, such as the demi-firkin, also existed, but were less common. A puncheon, one-third of a tun, was also a popular measurement.. According to current standards, the Imperial liquid tun is 216 gallons.

What Is a Hogshead? Barrels and Measurement in Colonial America

Medieval shoe with leaf design, ca. 1300, no further info.

Medieval shoe 1300 with leaf design