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"Places I've already been to. One day I'll get to color it all. " - Repost from @anniekateline Ania's map is getting so colorful I love how it turns out! She's travelling to US for the next year and just started a new travel blog - step by using the link in her bio ;) I'm sure the white spots on the world map are going to fill in quickly.


Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • Jun 6, 2016 at 10:50pm UTC

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Coloring poster – world map – mandala – 50x70cm (19×27″)

Look at this beautiful work in progress shot by @ana_motylek I can't wait to see the final effect of this world map with mandala patterns coloring :) I love sending posters to my Polish customers adult coloring - mandala world map - coloring poster - work in progress - instagram - mandala art - travel map - sales map


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Wholesale order going out today! I'm very happy to let you know, that now my products will now also be available locally at the Uncle Johns Cider Mill in Saint Johns, Michigan! :)


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I can't help but show you this new illustration. You guys guessed right on my last in progress picture I was drawing the constellations :) How do you like the final outcome? This illustration is a part of our collaboration with @eric_c_wilder what do you think can a drawing like this be used for? Share your ideas in comments We already have plans for this one but I'm very curious what will you all come up with!


Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • Jun 20, 2016 at 12:05am UTC

This is what happens when you have to burn a simple CD with your dissertation for the University but you're also the crazy illustrating lady That's the biggest blessing and biggest problem of being a designer: you want to design it all! I don't know how my boyfriend handles it but I keep taking the labels off the hand soap bottles and placing new ones on them with fancy hand-lettered names. Not to mention that I sometimes design the cheese arrangements on the toasts when we prepare the…


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New poster tubes arrived today and I'm having a labeling session over here I love labeling my products! Packaging design is so much more fun when you get to package your own creations! A pile of these posters is also going out today and it's so much I'm not even sure how to take them all to the post office! It's only a 5 minute walk from here but I think I'll need to drive them. I feel very blessed to have you all! Thank you for the support and all kind words orders messages! You're awesome


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Look what an amazing book @eric_c_wilder is publishing! Head over to his profile to read the whole story behind the project :) We collaborated on the cover and I love how Eric used my victorian parasol illustration! He has a great taste, when it comes to books and when he loves one enough to publish it himself - you know it's going to be a MUST HAVE! I'm already very excited to read this one, make sure to follow Eric for updates on ordering!


Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • Apr 4, 2016 at 5:36pm UTC

Finally! I know I took a long time to update the portfolio on my website but the day has come! Go to to browse some of my favorite projects and see the variety of works I've finished in the last 3 years :) I guess I'm quite a good example of a workaholic since there are still some projects waiting to be added! But I invite you to take a look now - some of these projects I have never shared on my social media! I've experienced issues with the payment processing in the shop…


Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • May 11, 2016 at 11:55pm UTC

Yesterday I placed a large order for shipping supplies and it arrived today! Why was I thinking it will all fit into the closet? :D Now I really need some more orders my boyfriend is going to hate this giant box in the living room! Fortunately I'm working on the new product line and it's almost ready! I can barely wait to announce it! Plenty of new books posters and postcards are coming! I'm sure these shipping supplies won't even last a week when I list all of my new inventory! What are…


Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • Apr 29, 2016 at 7:43pm UTC

My coloring book "All Things Shiny" is now available on Amazon! It's also eligible for the 1-day shipping with Amazon Prime for those of you in US Canada and Mexico You can order your copy at and have it in your hands within this week! How exciting is this? Tell me in the comments what is the last thing you ordered on Amazon.

Instagram photo by Anna Grunduls ILLUSTRATOR • Jun 27, 2016 at 9:53pm UTC