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a spiral staircase in a house with blue walls
a long table is set with wine glasses and place settings under a chandelier
Tree Chandelier
not sure if this the look we're going for but included some tree/log themed ones
a chair that is sitting in front of a window
Scorpion Chair
Turn this into a swiveling computer chair for the office, and its perfect.
a wooden shelf sitting on top of a cement floor next to a potted plant
Obiecte decorative inedite din crengi uscate – 20 de idei frumoase
a wooden chair sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean's edge
WE Furniture 60" Wood TV Stand - Driftwood - Driftwood 4 Us
a wooden chair sitting on top of a grass covered hillside next to the ocean and beach
Amazing driftwood sculpture
a wooden chair that has been carved into the shape of a tree stump with an intricate design on it
Woodworking Tips And Techniques
a wooden counter top in a kitchen with stainless steel sink and faucet mounted to it
44 Reclaimed Wood Rustic Countertop Ideas
a wooden chair sitting on top of a sandy beach next to grass and water in the background
Room a Holic
an outdoor kitchen with brick and stone ovens
11 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs for Your Stunning Kitchen
four different views of an outdoor area with rocks and grass on the ground, in front of
Amazing what you can do with stones and a bit of imagination.