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NQN’s TVPaint/Animation Walkthrough! -

time and space — NQN's TVPaint/Animation Walkthrough!

I have definitely pinned this before... but I don't care!

A Portal 2 Animation by Not So Normal featuring Chell, human!Wheatley, and human! This animation was not done by me, but I must admit I really love the animation! Chell and Human Wheatley

Aggressive Nose Poke by on @deviantART

Human Wheatley sitting on the floor holding his 'old' Core body. He looks up "And Chell's HUGE nose aggressively hits against mine!

Undertale Chara Sans Papyrus Toriel Asgore Undyne Alphys Genocide

Undertale, No Mercy then True Pacifist Run, Worst<<<I just started watching Genocide run.