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a red and green crocheted flower on top of a white page with the words,
an intricately designed doile with arrows and dots
Maya’s Meadow Part 1: Popcorn Raindrops
the letters and numbers are drawn in different colors on a white paper with an image of a
the crochet project is featured in this article, which shows how to make an ornament
Crochet Handicraft
an image of a ferris wheel with stars in the middle and one green circle at the center
an image of a crochet doily pattern
a book with an image of a circular design
an app showing the instructions for how to use crochet with yarn and thread
a crocheted square with pink and green flowers on the center, sitting in front of a white background
an image of a crochet pattern with red and blue stitches on the center
a crocheted doily with pink, yellow and green flowers on it sitting on a white surface