Lord of the Rings Art Clash of Kings Aragorn Art. "The dead do not suffer the living to pass!"

Jerry Vanderstelt Lord of the Rings Art

Lord of the Rings Art Clash of Kings Aragorn Art by Jerry Vanderstelt

The Return of the King - Marko Manev

"The Lord of The Rings Triptych" by Marko Manev On exhibit as part of the Young Guns of Print art show at the Hero Complex Gallery .

Fingolfin By Mathia Arkoniel  (Como un Alto Rey)  Fingolfin aparece en la novela El Silmarillion. Era un elfo del clan noldor, hijo del rey Finwë e Indis, hermano de Findis, Lalwen, y Finarfin, y hermanastro de Fëanor. Se casó con Anairë y sus hijos fueron Fingon, Turgon, Aredhel, y Argon. Se convirtió en el segundo rey supremo de los Noldor en el exilio, tras Fëanor, en Beleriand.

silmarillion: Fingolfin by MathiaArkoniel So, Fingolfin … I just … his legs are so long! [[MORE]](So, this is Fingon’s dad. He’s pretty awesome in general. He led his people across the Helcaraxë. Also, he’s awesome because he challenged Morgoth to.

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Turgon at the Fall of Gondolin by Egalmoth

Turgon Turgon was an Elven king of the Noldor, second son of Fingolfin, brother to Fingon, Aredhel and Argon. He was lord of the Elves of Nevrast, and later of the hidden city of Gondolin.

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