Haha this is too funny and this is why I love tumblr

Comedian snake…

Funny pictures about Comedian snake. Oh, and cool pics about Comedian snake. Also, Comedian snake.

If you don't open any other pins here, read this one it's funny. ( I'm not condoning these actions,but sometimes).

A wise man…

A very wise man right there.nothing aggrivates me more than when someone steps in my dirt pile or walks on my wet floors! And I do it daily, so this might lead to someones death.

these are all genius!

Funny pictures about Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain. Oh, and cool pics about Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain. Also, Best of Disneyland's Splash Mountain photos.


Hakuna Rattata

Rasputin, Lover of the Russian queen . Browse new photos about Rasputin, Lover of the Russian queen . Most Awesome Funny Photos Everyday! Because it's fun!

Obvious Signs are Obvious

The lawnmower one isn't funny. That happened to a good friend of mine when she was a little girl, and she's lived with prosthetic legs since then. So don't laugh at that, please because she is such a happy energetic girl that it would break my heart.

The Halloween Nightmare

The Halloween Nightmare

Since Saturday night, the picture of his mates wearing grey singlets, sunglasses and throwing shakas has gone insanely viral, picking up more than RTs in a short time.

Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #171

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Australian Christmas, a time for shiny bugs who aren't poisonous, venomous or trying to eat all your crops

Qualquer semelhança é mera coincidência

There was actually a guy in one of my ASL classes that had that kind of hair and me and my friend called him 'romen noodle' the whole year

not sure who she is but she does look like that creepy moon

I dont know why (probably because its late at night) but I laughed way to hard Miranda Cosgrove totally looks like this creepy moon

Gdyby akcja Harrego Pottera toczyła się w Polsce XDDD

Gdyby akcja Harrego Pottera toczyła się w Polsce: Tylko Ron nadal byłby rudy