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genowefa mackiewicz
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Every time someone asks me what I'm up to. (GIF)

Karen's response when someone asks her what she's on the computer. (GIF) Also my response to "What are you going to watch tonight?

I believe. The man on the far right side at the top looks suspiciously familiar...

A real police box! This is a photograph of the making of a programme by the BBC about driving errors, taken by Saidman in 1939 for the Daily Herald.

Eleven being Eleven (gif)

11 being Matt Smith being Matt Smith.{gif} 11 always does the funniest things with his hands :)

David Tennant

Funny pictures about The proper way to read a book. Oh, and cool pics about The proper way to read a book. Also, The proper way to read a book.

:) Gif

Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor. Note: In all fairness, it’s usually.