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Find Samoyed Puppies in your area and helpful tips and info. All purebred Samoyed puppies are from AKC registered parents.

This gif is a mess of Jonghyun, Seungri, and .... Key?? What are you doing?! bahahaha | #BigBang #SHINee

Jonghyun straddling senguri to get a piece of him and key showing off his deep throating skills. Just typical shinee nothing much

No explanation needed | Drake x SHINee - Taemin

Drake meet Taemin << personally, I'm only interested in Taemin's ring ding dong. and I love that user name. "daehyuns-missing-chapstick". how delightfully random.

T.O.P lashes out at anti-fan for hateful remarks towards him and Big Bang |

T.P gif 》Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate handsome and all that.but I swear if this isn't my kryptonite in general for an ideal man, idk what is haha ♥ TOP is ten times sexier when he is a derp!

for shinee!

Jonghyun, and my sister says he is not handsome. Yes I am talking to you Pauli >> Your sister Pauli is so mean! It's sad how she doesn't notice how handsome he is