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On Bread and Buttermilk the Girls Confess the Zodiac

J. J. Cromer (né en 1967) - Vit en travaille en Virginie (U.S.A.)

J. J. Cromer (né en 1967) - Vit en travaille en Virginie (U.S.A.)

Adolf Wölfli. "Zungsang St.Adolf Roseli," 1917. From “Books with Songs and Dances” 1917-1922

Adolf Wölfli – Swiss and one of the first artists and most important with the Art Brut or outsider art label.

Adolf Wölfli . "Books with Songs and Dances" 1917-1922

The official homepage of the Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Switzerland.

Adolf Wölfli . "Funeral March" 1928-1930. 16 unnumbered Books

Adolf Wölfli "Campbell's Tomato Soup", 1929 Adolf Wolfli was mainly a writer that incorporated collages and motifs into his writing, mainly his autobiography. This brings his story more to life.

A Vivian Girl, Henry Darger

Art brut A Vivian Girl, Henry Darger I really like the color scheme in this as well as the simplicity of the lines on the person, specifically the face and the dress

henry darger

Untitled ("Straight Arrow") Henry Darger Chicago 1959 or later Collage, pencil, and 1959 Christmas Seal stamps on cardboard 13 x 9 " American Folk Art Museum