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Angela Gogol

Angela Gogol
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Buy Glico Pocky Creamy Fruity Peach Biscuit Sticks at Tofu Cute

This unusual and hard to find amazing Pocky variety contains a very generous portion of biscuit sticks with a fruity peach flavoured coating. The recipe involves real peach, giving it a realistic fruity and creamy flavour.

Buy Glico Pocky Mango Mousse Biscuit Sticks at Tofu Cute

This incredible Mango Mousse Pocky variety has a thick and creamy coating which is almost double the thickness of the standard Pocky coating. This gives it a luxurious mousse-like texture, which really compliments the realistic fruity mango taste.

Pocky is the primary source of food for the Weeaboo, and it comes in many flavors. Get 8 boxes of Pocky delivered straight to your door in flavors of: Matcha, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate, Fruity Blueberry, Fruity Strawberry, Milky and Choco Banana. Delicious and addictive.

Pocky is the primary food source for an Otaku and is available in 8 delicious and addictive flavors. You know you want boxes of Pocky delivered to your door to avoid those horrible outside interactions while stocking up on your chocolate supply.