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two people standing next to each other with skateboards
Skate Buddies
Skate Buddies by Shakuro Graphics for Shakuro on Dribbble
a woman looking through a telescope into the distance with her face painted orange and white
Illustrations by Cecilia Castelli | Inspiration Grid
Illustrations by Cecilia Castelli – Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration
Humbleness , growth , life, success. Hindu Women, Womens Painting, Bengali Typography, Cutest Picture Ever, Bengali Art, Indian Illustration, Self Growth
In a Humble state you learn better. Humbleness don't carry ego & pride with it , it just focuses on self growth & learning. It helps to be the most inexperienced person in a room & to have the curiosity of learning every sec of this era. Always known to everything is not always good!! Sometimes better be under water not just to learn life but to observe & expirence it .
an image of a cartoon scene with two people on a train and the caption reads, when a tall person is in front and all you can do is ground