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:'( Sirius having regrets about not taking the secret keeper job

ugh half marauder headcanons are hilarious and the others are just heartbreaking I dont even know what to do. Its like the weasley twins but I dont know whether its worse to have george alive to mourn fred or have ALL the marauders dead.

And Sirius Black's godson for nothing. "Only one will die tonight"

And Sirius Black's godson for nothing. "Only one will die tonight." He's actually James and Sirius's child, tbh.

This is what some people don't realise about Dumbledore, he only cares about people if he can use them in his favour, Sirius was thrown in Azkaban for a crime Dumbledore knows he didn't do, but he did nothing, because Sirius doesn't care about the greater good, he cares about family and friends. Dumbledore is an ass for leaving Harry with the Dursleys, with the knowledge that they hated magic. I'm glad he's dead. Now he can't hurt anyone else.

One reason I don't like Dumbledore, he says he cares abt Harry and Lupin and even Snape, but he doesn't he uses them.<<<< ok so I don’t disagree with this but still Dumbledore still cared about them