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Random Inspiration 119

Rrrr!...Uhm, I Must Search This Place Here Now...Samissomar´s Pinterests Look Really Very Interesting To Me !... http://samissomar.wix.com/soundscapings

Eyes of a Tiger cats tiger animal photographs jungle cat cat images awesome images great photography beautiful creature

"On his robe at his thigh was written this title: King of all kings and Lord of all lords. " Rev 19:16

Leilani the Leo [per previous pinner] I am so impressed this is my favorite animal, zodiac sign and also my Hawaiian name!

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say cheese! Tigers have only 30 teeth. All cats have temporary teeth that come in within a week or two after birth, referred to as milk teeth similar to humans' baby teeth. Tigers have the largest canines of all big cat species ranging in size from to

clouded leopard

some people should re-learn their animals because this is a ocelot. This is neither cheetah nor ocelot. This is a clouded leopard.