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a kitchen with green cabinets and an oven in the center, along with a bowl of fruit on the counter
The Victorian Kitchen and Dining Room - The one with the yellow ceiling
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a large window
This English Edwardian Is "'Downton Abbey' Meets 'Absolutely Fabulous'" and We’re Totally Here for It
a room with green walls and wooden floors, painted in shades of pink and green
A Green Kitchen with Pink Ceiling in a Colorful London Home
a green chair sitting in front of a mirror on top of a wooden dresser next to a window
Peach painted ceiling idea
two stools are in front of the kitchen island
The St John's Square Showroom
an empty room with a chair, table and lamp hanging from the ceiling in front of a door
Green Painted Ceiling in the Bedroom
a bedroom with green painted ceilings and white bedding
green ceiling
a wooden dresser sitting next to a white wall with a plant on top of it
Our Guest Bedroom Makeover - AD. - KATE LA VIE by Kate Spiers
a woman sitting in a chair next to paintings on the wall and an instagram post about her
How does it feel when everyone looks at your job as a hobby?
there is a wall made out of cassette tapes
Pomysł jak wykorzystać stare kasety na dekoracje do pokoju😍
an orange tiled table with flowers and books on it, next to a framed photograph
Консоль из плитки