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Street art at its finest. My personal favorite is the man eating trees and shitting out buildings and the girl with the magnifying glass. Both make you look at the world so much differently.   My opinion. Interpret as you choose. -callmesulli

Funny pictures about Astonishing Street Art. Oh, and cool pics about Astonishing Street Art. Also, Astonishing Street Art photos.

Street art . . . usable street art? ;)

Christian Peterson the co-owner of a bicycle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany, created this facade to promote his business. Read more: Bike Shop Attracts Buyers with 120 Bikes on the Building's Facade

EU misses the old days... (Europe) by Captain Costa #polandball #countryball

germany likes eu very much though. always with the "european solution", not wanting anyone (gb, gr) to quit.