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aph - Katyn massacre by sinoaXu.deviantart.com on @deviantART ~ 1943,Germany found poland was killed in the Katyn Forest.everyone guess who is the murderer. Germany said its Russia, but Russia said Germany is the real murderer. Then the death of Poland become the political tool.Is there anyone really care about the feeling of Poland himself?? Very fortunate. Felix revived and found out the murderer at the end...

So Russia blamed Germany Germany blamed Russia. 1943 'death" of Poland. He revived though, and of course found the killer.

Nico and Ms. O'Leary

Day Favourite Monster, 30 Day Percy Jackson Challenge: Well, they don't call this a challenge for nothing. My nominees were cyclopes, hellhounds and harpies. I chose hellhounds because of Mrs O'Leary and I love dogs.