Anna Ciesielska

Anna Ciesielska

Anna Ciesielska
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Floating resort

This is my kinda boat! A cruise in the Pacific on this yacht designed like a Tropical Island Paradise.the ultimate vacation cruise

LOVE this! The outlets in the island are behind faux drawers.

Love this idea; never did like the look of outlets on the side of my island. Kitchen island with outlets disguised as drawers Brilliant! Add a USB Port and it will be even more brilliant

If God lived in a small apartment with limited space, this is what his laundry area would look like! lol (~Anna)

close up play room closet behind, utility room. open it like this to make laundry closet at the back door. Enclose the water heater. use space where w/d are now at right of door as a little built in seat for bags & coat hooks over it.

Laundry area behind dark rustic doors

Explore laundry room decorating ideas that are both stylish and functional. From extra storage space and hidden appliances to pops of color and reclaimed wood, these laundry rooms will inspire your next home renovation project.

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