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cesta de trapillo al crochet

Verfen zonder je vuil te maken #verf in een zakje doen

From exhibit "Art Auction Gan 2014" by Alyssa11912 (Art ID #30780489) from Thayer Elementary School— Kindergarten United States

25 Awesome Outdoor Party Games for Kids of All Ages

toss hula hoop over balloon game. Great outdoor party game for family reunions…

DIY Nature Memory Game

Nature memory is an educational matching game and sensory activity for preschoolers and up. Playing nature memory helps children develop focus, memory, and recognition skills. DIY nature memory matching game can also be used to teach math and science concepts depending on how it's played and the nature items used. This nature matching game can be played in schools, homeschool education, Waldorf education, and is a Montessori-inspired sensorial activity.

Easy Indoor Activities For Kids

August - Balloon Tennis Balloon Paper Plates Paint Sticks - 4 for K/ 2 for L Paint to color Plates Glue Gun Paint Brushes