Atop the Dome at Saint Peter’s Basilica  From here you have heavenly views above Saint Peter’s square and the welcoming arms of the Bernini colonnades. Just as amazing are the 360 degree view of Rome and the lush Vatican Gardens. From the entrance to the top of the dome, it’s a 320 step climb. If climbing the cupola is not your cup of tea, you can take the elevator to the roof, and greatly shorten the distance. You do need to take the stairs for the final ascent to the top of the dome.

Rome With a View - Five Favorite Spots for Photo Ops in Rome - Food Lover's Odyssey

The Great Beauty by Giovanna Griffo on 500px

archatlas: “ Rome: the Great Beauty Giovanna Griffo ”

Holy Angel Castle by Andrey Omelyanchuk on 500px

Holy Angel Castle - Holy Angel Castle and Holy Angel Bridge over the Tiber River in Rome at Dawn, Italy - HDR version

Twins and their differences by Andrey Padenko on 500px

Twins and their differences - The entrance of the Tridente from Piazza del Popolo, defined by the "twin" churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto (left, built and Santa Maria dei Miracoli (right, built The Via del Corso exits between the two churches.

Coliseum's Star by Christopher Cove on 500px

Coliseum's Star by Christopher Cove on

View along Piazza Pio XII towards St Peter's Basilica, The Vatican, Rome by Andrew Reed on 500px

View along Piazza Pio XII towards St Peter's Basilica The Vatican Rome by andrewreed