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Miss Werewolf by ~B1nd1 on deviantART

Miss Werewolf by on deviantART. This is the werewolf girl reference that I got after Lost saga and Dragoart!

This artist turns your favorite fast food chain mascots into awesome anime characters

Artist Transformed Popular Fast Food Chain Mascots Into Amazing Anime Characters

hazel is the foreign 'black sheep' in her institute. born and raised in the institutes in south korea, she was moved to the canadian institute when her parents passed away on a mission. she is 16 and her parents died when she was

Phrrmp's Phantasies — cyrail:   Waiting by SaraForlenza   Featured on...

Am I the only one who thinks, "Elsa! What did you do to your sister? I mean, seriously. Then it's so Ironic because the pic next to this looks like Elsa