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Learn about the ten basic arrangement forms in floral designing and be closer to becoming a professional florist.

L shape - Basic arrangement forms in floral designing - an L shaped arrangement has the letter L shape. Although it is not symmetrical, you must know how to position your flowers so that it looks well balanced.

Memory Games for Alzheimer's Patients

The progressive loss of memory associated with Alzheimer's can be difficult for the patients to cope with. Here are a few memory games for Alzheimer's patients that will stimulate their brain and help it in staying active.

great for men w dementia

great for men w dementia. Love the dial style phone! That would be great for both men and women who remember that style of phone.

13 Reminiscing Themes for Seniors. Reminiscence is a wonderful past time for the elderly and is suitable for those living with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

13 Reminiscing Themes for Seniors: Sharing and recollecting memories with seniors in long term care helps them to affirm who they are and maintain self worth.

great fine motor practice coupled with name or word work

Good first day kinder art idea! Write child's name on a piece of paper. Use stickers to trace the letters. You can also trace letters with glue and use collage materials, such as, paper scraps, pasta, or glitter.

Wise words! #Luxurydotcom

Only the FOOL reveals all that they know. The fool loves parading around with their seemingly infinite knowledge. They are always open to explaining EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. They tell their secrets habits tricks and even how much they have in their bank

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