Mrs. Bieber

Mrs. Bieber

Hogwart / #Harry #Potter #Draco #Malfoy #Loki #Games #Of #Thrones
Mrs. Bieber
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everyone else "god get me out of this car" mikey "holly shit I'm in a car with 5sos"

So I Have seen this picture a few Times now, and every single time I have to look twice bc i keep thing that Ashton is Luke. AM I The only one who is having this problem? Took me a second to realise who was who.

5sos Headache Poster I need!

5 Seconds of Summer - Headache - Official Poster <<-- Finally found it in my local HMV! (In your own bc idk if you have the same one.

& real fans save bands

I like how we all call them by their first names it just cool. I was talking to my sister and we were like "so I heard Luke broke up with his girlfriend " and I was like "aw is he ok ?