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[Picture/FB] [#2015BTSFESTA] 네..가 쓰는 프로필 (2015 Update.) #STEP 2 [150608] | btsdiary

BTS Festa 2015 - Suga (Eng Translation) this is Min Yoongi all the way!

#2015BTSFESTA Translations of #BTS Self-written Profiles Step #1: Let Me Introduce Bangtan -- cr: ARMY Base (@bangtanitl)

Awwwhawhawww that last little note to Kookie. Yes, share your jams. You clearly hit the jackpot. That drawing on point

BTS | How Handsome (Faints)

Bangtan Boys ❤ Kim Nam Joon (rapmon), Kim Tae Hyung (v), Jeon Jung Kook…