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Allah/God always with you and if you ask Him for partner wife/husband family friends Allah will give you all

It Might Be A Small Step, But You’re Still Going Forward ~ Yep!  When I think of how weak I was when I first started working out, and how strong I am now... wow!!  I've come a long way, baby!!

Don't give up over what you see as slow progress, in the end progress is progress. What you continue to do to move forward and the willingness to stay committed and convicted will show its true results over time. Keep going!

If You’re Not Willing To Fail More motivation -> #fit #fitness #fitblr #fitspo #motivation #gym #gymaholic #workouts #nutrition #supplements #muscles #healthy

It takes risk to exceed at anything. From exercise to business to personal lifestyle. The greater the effort, the greater the rewards. There is no "short cut" paradigm