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O emocjach – kilka myśli w poczekalni
some papers are stacked on top of each other with words written in different languages and numbers
a person flying over a pile of books
do not read this post. - bring joy
a poster with different words and pictures on it, including an open book in russian
black and white lettering with hearts on the bottom that says,'esyfam bo
Plakaty o książkach
Funny, Reading, Akiane Kramarik
Czytaj książki, żyj dłużej
an info graphic showing the percentage of books and clocks
:) ♥ -
a drawing of a green dragon with words in spanish and english on the bottom right hand corner
a box with some writing on it that says diacco narto zettac skaazni
Dlaczego warto czytać książki
Sayings, Grey's Anatomy, Inspiration, Zitate
Memy Książkowe- reaktywacja! - CXI
an image of the human brain labeled in different languages
an image of a cartoon character with money coming out of his head and the words, kreci mio czytane
an image of a poster with words written in spanish