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three stuffed sheep hanging on the wall with pearls attached to it's ears and legs
Familia Ovelhas Perola
Trio ovelhas com pernas de pérolas: Pai, Mãe e um filhotinho. Nas cores de pele: marrom e marfim. Enchimento anti-alergico. Consultem valores para acrescentar peças avulsas, cores dos laços.
an egg decorated with pearls and flowers
Najnowsze inspiracje z postila.ru na Stylowi.pl
Najnowsze inspiracje z postila.ru na Stylowi.pl
How to wrap hoop with knots (Making of Macrame moon wall hanging)
crocheted doily pattern with two different designs
Gallery.ru / Фото #169 – 1 – nezabud-ka – Einsnummer - Knitting
Sewing, Sun, Trousers, Baby Sewing, Overalls, Tracksuit Bottoms, Couture, Diy Inspiration, Baby Toddler